Snow Party

Snow Party

作者 : O.Lamm (Lamm, Olivier)

出版社 : 默契音樂企業社

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定價 : NT 525

售價9折, NT473


2. I Was a Joker Now I'm Just a Prick(試聽)
4. She's That Boho Folkie...(試聽)
7. Cracking(試聽)


1. Mason & Dixon
2. I was a joker now i’m just a prick
3. description d’un cylindre
4. she’s that boho folkie always stumming her guitar shyly in the corner
5. guitar innovator
6. faye at the desk
7. cracking
8. stevealbini/kate again (she’s still rockin’)
9. snow party
10. del you’re so great a person

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