Live互動華語No.3 (全配版/附CD/互動光碟/DVD)

Live互動華語No.3 (全配版/附CD/互動光碟/DVD)

作者 : 希伯崙

出版社 : 希伯崙股份有限公司

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定價 : NT 499

售價9折, NT449



Live Interactive Chinese monthly book + CD-ROM uses innovative multimedia techniques to teach Mandarin in a comprehensive way divided into monthly units that create steady progress for the student. Each volume includes practical dialogues, illustrated dictionaries, backgrounds to Chinese characters and introductions to Asian attractions. To create a better connection to Chinese popular culture, Live Interactive Chinese also provides videos, animations, and information about popular culture. Our products have a variety of audiovisual content designed to help beginners learn Chinese step-by-step, starting with basic, everyday Chinese and advancing to business Chinese and beyond.
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