The Taxman (+CD)

The Taxman (+CD)

作者 : Scholastic U.K

出版社 : Scholastic UK

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羅賓與綠林俠盜們重回了綠林,他們仍然要繼續伸張正義打擊不法,而且他們認為賦稅相當不合理。所以,當收稅官員”拜訪” 綠林時,官員對他們極不友善。綠林俠盜們可以為村民爭取他們不賦稅的權益嗎?

Robin Hood and his men live as outlaws in Sherwood Forest. They fight corruption and injustice - and they don’t like taxes! So when the taxman pays his annual visit to the Sheriff of Nottingham, the outlaws are less than pleased to see him. Will they help the people of Nottingham get back the money that is rightly theirs, or will the Sheriff win - once again?
In easy-to-read photo-story format. Based on an episode from the popular BBC TV series.

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