Grammar Form and Function 2: Teacher's Manual (2 Ed.)

Grammar Form and Function 2: Teacher's Manual (2 Ed.)

作者 : Broukal, Milada/ Sherman, Kristin

出版社 : 美商麥格羅希爾國際股份有限公司台灣分公司

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Each unit of the Teacher's Manual includes:

* an overview of each unit to summarize the contents
* Notes on the Photos to describe the photos in the Form and Function sections and give background and cultural information
* Warm-Up Activities to engage students in the topic and activate the target grammar
* Useful teaching tips and techniques for both new and experienced instructors to provide students with the information they need
* multiple expansion ideas, games, and writing activities to extend and personalize learning
* Notes on Culture, Notes on Usage, and Notes on Vocabulary to help instructors clarify, explain, and present the information with ease
* answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide the instructor and students with a deeper understanding of the structure
* answer key for the exercises and Self-Tests
* Unit Tests in a standardized test format and test answer key to assess understanding and mastery of the unit
* reproducible Internet Activity Worksheets with Internet Activity Procedures to encourage students to expand their online learning and research skills
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