I Like Hong Kong: Art and Deterritorialization

I Like Hong Kong: Art and Deterritorialization

作者 : Vigneron, Frank

出版社 : 香港中文大學

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China has become an increasingly dynamic center for contemporary art, and its various art scenes have been covered extensively by both academic and general art publications. Until now the vast issue of contemporary Chinese art has remained unexplored by localized analysis within a specific Chinese cultural sphere. In this text, Frank Vigneron focuses his analysis on Hong Kong, which is an ideal candidate due to its complex historical and cultural background that distinguishes it from any vague notion of "Chinese national culture." Rather than present a generalized overview of "Hong Kong art," Vigneron instead focuses on and contextualizes the works of about eighty artists working in and around Hong Kong while offering his personal reflections on this burgeoning aspect of Chinese culture.
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Frank Vigneron is an Associate Professor in the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research focuses on the history of Chinese painting from the 18th century onwards as well as on different aspects of contemporary Chinese art as seen in a global context.
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