Effective Presentation Skills (2 Ed./+CD)

Effective Presentation Skills (2 Ed./+CD)

作者 : Moslehpour, Massoud (穆馬速)

出版社 : 台灣東華書局股份有限公司

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Being an effective presenter is a technique that can be mastered through practice and perseverance.

New Edition Key Features:

* Developed locally and targeted at Taiwanese students' needs

* Non-scripted real life video examples of students presentations

* Suitable for college, university, graduate students, and professionals

* Motivates and enables students to build strong presentation skills

* Useful checklists to help students choose a topic, structure thoughts, create visual aids, speak with confidence and handle questions

* Listening, speaking, writing and reading practices to improve communication and presentation skills

* Step-by-step instruction and practices

* Practical, research based and easy-to-read textbook
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Dr. Massoud Moslehpour, an adult-education EFL, computer, speech, presentation, and multimedia instructor, has been teaching in several countries for the past 20 years. He has been working in Taiwan as EFL teacher since 1999. He is also the co-author of the "Exploring English through Movies" the first EFL/ESL textbook published in Taiwan that integrates English learning and movies. He received his Ph.D. from University of Missouri-Columbia in the field of technology education. He is currently assistant professor of the Foreign Languages and Literature (FLL) at Asia University (亞洲大學) in Taichung-Taiwan.

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