India Classical Music: Sounds of Veena

India Classical Music: Sounds of Veena


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Like any other Indian classical musician a vichitra vsena player also first plays ALAAP (the slow and improvised movement where the rags is structured and established) which is an elaboration of the raga in slow rempo, followed by a JOR (the introduction of of rhythmic improvisation in ALAAP, by the JHALA (the faster phase of the raga where the raga where the high pitch drone string (chikari) is frequently used to build the climax) in fast tempo. After this there are two GATs (fixed instrumental composition by tabla), VILAMBIT (slow tempo) and DRUT (fast tempo) where a percussion instrument, generally a tabla, joins in. The recital is always concluded with a JHALA in very fast tempo.
The music is an extension of a prayer but the musician is morally bound to offer his music as a gift of peace and joy to all who hear the music. The insight of the musician is thus conveyed to the listeners.
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