Pianos in the Kitchen

Pianos in the Kitchen


作者 : 菲利普.葛拉斯

出版社 : Orange Mountain Music

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定價 : NT 569

售價 : NT569


Pianos in the Kitchen (From the Kitchen Archives No.5) features piano music played at New York City's famous venue The Kitchen. Performances include music by Philip Glass (Mad Rush), Meredith Monk (Traveling, Paris), Charlemagne Palestine, Anthony Davis (A Walk Through the Shadow), Harold Budd (Preludes for Solo Piano), and Dennis Russell Davies performing music by Keith Jarrett (Ritual for Solo Piano).

Orange Mountain Music's series presenting archival music recorded at the Kitchen includes No.1 "New Music, New York 1979"; No.2: "Steve Reich & Musicians, Live 1977"; No.3: Amplified: New Music Meets Rock 1981-1986; and No.4: Composers Inside Electronics.
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