Collocations Extra with CD-ROM: Multi-level Activities for Natural English

Collocations Extra with CD-ROM: Multi-level Activities for Natural English

作者 : Walter, Elizabeth/ Woodford, Kate


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A collection of photocopiable activities which present and practise frequent and useful collocations.

• A bank of photocopiable collocations lessons for teachers to use with students of English.
• Each unit based around a common theme with one activity for each level from elementary to advanced.
• Students are presented with and practise frequent and useful collocations through fun communicative activities.
Key Features

1.Over 50 clear step-by-step lesson plans provide you with instant and original supplementary materials to teach collocations.
2.Input, practice and follow-up stages for each activity introduce students to the collocations and allow them to consolidate their knowledge with a wide range of engaging exercises.
3.Students can build their confidence and develop natural-sounding English as they practise collocations through a variety of communicative and fun activities including quizzes, board games, questionnaires and picture stories.
4.Teachers can create games to practise collocations of their choice using easily adapted templates on the CD-ROM.
5.Informed by the Cambridge International Corpus, Collocations Extra ensures that the most frequently used collocations are presented and practised in their natural context.
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Elizabeth Walter

Kate Woodford

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