Read This! Level 1: Student's Book

Read This! Level 1: Student's Book

作者 : Mackey, Daphne/ Blass, Laurie/ Gordon, Deborah


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本書分三個級數,以口述方式呈現學術內容為主的精彩故事,針對高中進入大學或是大學進入研究所設計之閱讀能力奠基課程。著重字彙和閱讀流暢度,每冊包含五大主題,每單元或多或少與高中以上學科做連結,主題範圍廣泛,如商業、工程、心理學、健康與數理等。隨教師手冊附有聽力CD,Read This!網站上也有聽力檔案可下載,增進閱讀能力同時也能加強聽力。

◎ 字彙學習時下最IN 以Academic Word List (AWL) 所設計的教材內容,同步累積時下最IN 的學術字彙能力。
◎ 文章豐富最具吸引力 文章分為三個級數,每個級數提供十五篇最具話題性的文章內容,不但涵蓋如商業、工程、心理學、健康與數理等學術性文章,更囊括如創造北極圈冰雪傳奇的Ice Hotel、杜拜帆船酒店、網路世界探討等熱門話題。
◎ 亞洲學子最適用 專門針對亞洲學生所設計的學習架構,利用重複關鍵字彙、文法、閱讀技巧及寫作練習等。
◎ 聽力練習最方便 免費提供線上文章朗讀MP3,方便學生英文聽力隨處練習。
◎ 學習效果最即時 免費提供線上閱讀的考試練習(WebQuest),藉由遊戲式引導,間接強化閱讀能力、寫作能力及創造力。

Read This! is a three-book reading series designed for adult and young adult ESL students at the high beginning to intermediate levels.

The series helps students develop reading fluency by having them read and interact with high interest, content-rich texts containing fascinating information written in an accessible narrative style. It is a stepping stone for students who are on track to read in English at higher levels for academic purposes. The readings and approach are also appropriate for students who are not on an academic track, but want to improve their reading ability in English and overall language proficiency.

The readings tie in with academic subject areas and the accompanying pedagogic tasks aid reading comprehension skills, critical thinking skills, and the development of both content-specific and general academic vocabulary knowledge. Each Student's Book is supported by a Teacher's Manual with unit tests and a student Web site with fun WebQuests.

‧High-interest readings of "amazing" people and deeds that are also loosely connected to college content
‧A teacher-friendly straightforward unit format that takes students through the reading process with pre-reading, reading, and post-reading tasks
‧A strong focus on teaching the new vocabulary that arises in each unit, including academic content vocabulary and words from the academic word list
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Daphne Mackey

Laurie Blass

Deborah Gordon

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