Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond 2 (2CD)

Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond 2 (2CD)


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出版社 : Ministry Of Sound

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定價 : NT 729

售價 : NT729


Following on from the hugely popular 1st Volume that came out last October, Ministry of Sound and Joe Muggs present Adventures In Dubstep And Beyond Vol.2 - your guide to the true innovators in underground Dubstep and bass music.

For many, the Dubstep genre is associated with one sound - bass wobble. And of course there's plenty of that to go around, but with this release fully compiled by one of the UK's leading connoisseurs and commentators on the scene, Joe Muggs is here to showcase a far wider reaching sound of Dubstep. As he explains "it has always been an insanely flexible area of music, that keeps on chucking out tracks that are not just examples of the latest micro-trend, but which will stand the test of time just as, say, great techno tracks from the past do."
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