Eat Drink Graphics

Eat Drink Graphics

作者 : Abellan, Miquel

出版社 : Basheer Graphic Books

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定價 : NT 1,125

售價79折, NT889


In the world of food and drink, graphic design plays an extraordinarily important role, one that can transmit at a glance the sensation and emotion prior to enjoying a particular product. How these gra-phics are presented can prime our senses, readying for pleasure. They tempt us, incite us, invite us...

In such a world we have sought out projects whose packaging, branding and larger concepts or objectives alwats establish colse ties to these two pleasures, found everything from restaurants, cafe's and products to conceptual work.

It is gratitying to see how graphic aspects intervene, sending out sensations stemming from the pro-duct, at times more offensive and provocative, but always with the same desired effect in mind:com-municate the pleasure of these pleasures. We have brought together a selection of exquisite work from a broad spectrum of international design trends, all with a common denominator...
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Miquel Abellan

Josep Maria Minguet

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