Sketching & Rendering: Techniques for Product Designers

Sketching & Rendering: Techniques for Product Designers

作者 : Julian, Fernando/ Albarracin, Jesus

出版社 : Basheer Graphic Books

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Product design has become an essential tool in the products' conception.
The wide variety of objects and their use drives designers to develop a great faculty of learning and curiosity in each industrial process.

This book focuses on a fundamental aspect of the creative process of the product: the use of freehand drawing in the first stages of the object design. After the presentation of the media and drawing instruments, and the basic concepts behind the first lines, the techniques that allow the designer to translate and transmit his graphic thoughts, the creative ideas, are explained. The book also works on the complementary aspects, as the importance of the human factor or the possible scenario where the new designs will coexist. Finally, it includes a chapter about technical studies that constitute an essential part in the project's description as the necessary language for its realization.
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Fernando Julian / Jesus Albarracin

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