作者 : 路易.貝爾森

作者 : Bellson, Louie


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Louie Bellson never ceases to amaze me. Not simply on the basis of his talent, though that in itself would be cause enough; nor for his adaptability, since at any given moment he may be leading a West Coast band, or a New York ensemble, or heading up a small group in Chicago, or touring with his wife of 35 years, the no less versatile and gifted Pearl Bailey. No, it’s Louie’s enthusiasm, the freshness of his outlook, the undimmed brightness of his disposition, that I find most remarkable of all. After all, he has been on the road most of the time since the early 1940s, and sooner or later, in many travelling musicians, a law of diminishing fervour tends to take over. In his case, though, talking about some new addition to the personnel or the latest composition and arrangement, he displays a concern that is reflected vividly in his performance, and in the attitude he manages to inculcate among his sidemen.

Louie Bellson(drums);George Young(saxophone, soprano saxophone,alto saxophone);Joe Roccisano(saxophone,alto saxophone);Kenneth Hitchcock,Don Menza(saxophone,tenor saxophone);George Opalisky,Jack Stuckey(saxophone);Brian O'Flaherty, Robert Millikan,Glenn Drewes,Danny Cahn,Larry Lunetta(trumpet); Clark Terry(flugelhorn);Hale Rood,Don Mikkelsen,Keith O'Quinn,Clinton Sharman(trombone);John Bunch(piano);Jay Leonhart(bass instrument)
錄音時間:1987年12月7日、9日,紐約Clinton Studios
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