Summit 1: Workbook (2 Ed.)

Summit 1: Workbook (2 Ed.)

作者 : Joan Saslow/ Allen Ascher

出版社 : 台灣培生教育出版股份有限公司

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Summit is a two-level high-intermediate/advanced course that provides the post-intermediate learner with an integrated set of skills for global communication.

Essential model conversations and extensive opportunities for role play, discussion, debate, class presentations, and collaborative projects build learners' fluency.

Intensive coverage of grammar, pronunciation, word skills, and writing conventions build learners' accuracy.

Development of critical thinking skills and reading and listening strategies prepares learners for successful comprehension of authentic materials.

Goals-and achievement-based lessons confirm progress and ensure learners' motivation.

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Joan Saslow.Allen Ascher.Julie C. Rouse

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