Borgore's Misadventures in Dubdtep (2CD)

Borgore's Misadventures in Dubdtep (2CD)

作者 : Borgore

出版社 : 鴻星唱片有限公司

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定價 : NT 579

售價 : NT579


Borgore has presented a release of colossal proportions; mind-blowing drops and infectious beats riddle this album.

One of the most important aspects of dubstep is its production value, and this album brings production to a whole new level. ‘Kiss My Lips’ opens with a glitchy beat that builds your heart rate until the masterful drop leaves you gasping for breath. ‘Where I came from’ has brilliantly theatrical elements which employ soundscapes that make this track one of the stand outs on the record. Each track on the record is meticulously orchestrated; each stands on its own without the support of the album while fitting in neatly with the other tracks. ‘Raw’ is perhaps the best example of this industrial-esque aesthetic - the track dissolves in the middle creating valuable space, which is filled again with gorgeous beats, and finishes leaving a short breath of fresh air.
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