作者 : Pig & Dan

出版社 : 鴻星唱片有限公司

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定價 : NT 559

售價 : NT559


Pig&Dan give us a taste of what to expect from their upcoming 10 year album on Soma by unleashing the Lone Ranger Ep. The title track, taken from the album, is a peak time monster, building with a razor sharp pad line, breaking through with deadly force and a deep funky bassline.

The Ep's second track Below The Belt is an excellent follow on from Lone Ranger. A shimmering vocal sample, swarming with reverb, plays delicately along with direct drums and rolling sub bass, delivering yet another dance floor bomb. Belgian dj/producer Tom Hades weighs in here with a great interpretation of Below The Belt. An instant dark, ominous beat kicks things off as the track progresses into a full on techno workout
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Pig & Dan

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