Japanese Phrasebook (2 Ed./+CD)

Japanese Phrasebook (2 Ed./+CD)

作者 : Yoshi Abe/ Keiko Hagiwara


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定價 : NT 455

售價9折, NT410


Read, listen to and practice Japanese with our comprehensive phrasebook and CD pack.

Full Lonely Planet Phrasebook
Our best-selling Japanese phrasebook gives you:

fast access to all the travel phrases you need
a 3500-word two-way dictionary
a mouth-watering menu decoder to help you order the right meal

Plus 375 Key phrases on Audio CD
Understand the locals and be understood in practical, social and emergency situations. From the comfort of your home, enrich your travel experience by learning key phrases and improving your pronunciation before your trip. Or simply transfer the MP3 files to your portable media device and listen and learn during your travels.
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