Fashion Eyes: Top European Display Window Design

Fashion Eyes: Top European Display Window Design

作者 : Puffy Cheung

出版社 : SendPoints Books

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定價 : NT 1,650

售價79折, NT1,304


Boulevard Haussmann is one of Paris' hottest streets. Hurried steps pass by in a brink of an eye. Dazzing spot lights, gorgeous fashion and creative designs can always make your eyes wander away and your steps stop.
Display windows are like mirrors reflecting our character and telling the world what values we stand for.
Printemps was founded in 1865 and began to use electricity in 1888. Since then elevators and lifts have been used to serve the consumers. In 1966, a ski field was built on the roof of the Printemps building which was and is an unimaginable idea.
The windows gather various fashions and foresee the fashion trend. They attract passers-by to step inside and begin an unforgettable shopping experience. Our windows represent our best media, our pround status and the presentation of our greatest creativeness. We are grateful to Puffy who introduced us to Oriental readers through this book.
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