Mythology: The Complete Guide to Our Imagined Worlds

Mythology: The Complete Guide to Our Imagined Worlds

作者 : Christopher Dell


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An exploration of myths from around the world with an authoritative text and an inspired selection of images

In every culture of the world myths help explain our origins, the world’s creation, gods and monsters, demons, the afterlife, and the underworld. This compelling account gathers together themes and stories from every part of the globe to show how myths share many common patterns, and how through them the human imagination is expressed in all its diversity. A treasury of images drawn from all cultures—both iconic and littleknown— helps explain what is important about these myths, their symbols, and the stories they tell. A directory at the end of the book summarizes the principal types of myth from around the world (Native American, Judeo- Christian, Greek, Nordic, Aboriginal, and so forth) and includes family trees that show exactly how various supernatural beings are related. 420 illustrations in color and black and white.
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