Reading Buffet Book 1 (+MP3)

Reading Buffet Book 1 (+MP3)

作者 : Maosung Lin

出版社 : 台灣東華書局股份有限公司

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Reading Buffet Book 1 is the first of a set of two books aimed at young learners of English at the intermediate level. The main focus is on reading comprehension with additional focus on listening, speaking, and writing. Each unit is based on a practical topic of high interest to the learners. The questions and exercises prompt learners to fully understand the text and to develop their language proficiency across all four skills.

* High-interest topics such as famous buildings, food, customs, vegetables and fruit, animals, and many more.

* Comprehension questions including critical reading skills.

* Vocabulary-building and grammar checking tasks.

* Additional listening, speaking, and writing tasks.

* Suitable for classroom or self-study use.

* More than 100 lively illustrations to bring the topics to life.

Includes audio CD featuring all the main reading texts plus additional listening tasks.

Features of the units include:

* Getting Started
Questions to facilitate motivation and to introduce the topic of the unit.

* Reading

* Comprehension Check
Questions to help learners fully understand the text.

* Thinking Corner
Discussion activities on issues raised in the text.

* Vocabulary, Idioms, and Phrases
Definitions of unfamiliar words, phrases, and idioms, with example sentences.

* Word Power
Additional words related to the topic of the unit.

* Grammar
Systematic introduction of basic grammar.

* Sentence Patterns
Introduction to sentence patterns appearing in the text, with practice exercises.

* Life Skills
Real-life readings or documents such as maps, advertisements, maps, and bank statements.

* Conversation
An additional listening and speaking task on a topic related to the main text.

* Writing Corner
Exercises to develop writing skills.
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主編:Maosung Lin

Jonathan Klassen/Hsiauhung Yao/Zhengwei Chen/Fangyu Chang/Hung-chang Ou/Sheng-fang Lin/Huei-chuan Chen

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