How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? (+CD)

How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food? (+CD)

作者 : Jane Yolen


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How does a dinosaur eat all his food?

Does he burp, does he belch, or make noises quite rude?

Does he pick at his cereal, throw down his cup,

hoping to make someone else pick it up?

Just like kids, dinosaurs have a difficult time learning to behave at the table. However, with a little help from Mom and Dad, these young dinosaurs eat all before them with smiles and goodwill.

As in their previous books, Yolen and Teague capture children’s rambunctious natures with playful read-aloud verse and wonderfully amusing pictures.

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珍‧尤蘭(Jane Yolen)

1939年生於紐約,麻州大學教育系畢業,由於她的父母在紐約的藝文界非常活躍,因此也培養出珍‧尤蘭對寫作與創作的喜好。他涉獵的範圍很廣,包括詩、小說、歌謠、童話故事等無所不包,著作超過200本,身兼詩人、老師與兒童文學評論家等身分。美國的新聞週刊(Newsweek)、紐約時報(New York Time)都曾經公開稱珍?尤蘭為「美國的安徒生」及「現代的伊索」。曾榮獲世界奇幻文學大獎、三次神話奇幻文學獎與凱迪克大獎等多項大獎。
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