Blue Mongol

Blue Mongol

作者 : Roswell Rudd/ Mongolian Buryat Band

作者 : 羅斯威爾.魯德

出版社 : Sunnyside Records

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定價 : NT 575

售價9折, NT518


Blue Mongol recording is an extension of a 2004 concert that featured Rudd with Asian musicians from Mongolia, the mountainous country that lies between Russia and China, where the art of throat singing has flourished for thousands of years.

That unique vocal tradition  called hoomei by the indigenous people -- consists of overtones and harmonic resonances created by channeling air through the human vocal folds and out through the lips, creating strange (to our ears) octaves, low drones, and high-pitched, woodwind-like tones, which enable the vocalist to sound more than one note at once (think Rahsaan Roland Kirk).

The Mongolian musicians are lead by throat singer and multi-instrumentalist Battuvshin Baldantseren: a virtuoso on the limbe bamboo flute, Ikh Khur horse-head bass and khomus Jaw harp, singer Badma Khanda, Dmitry Ayurov on the Morin Khur horse-head fiddle, iochin dulcimer player Kermen Kalyaeva and Valentina Namdykova on the yatag zither and the lute! -like Khalmyk Dombr.

 Rudd calls their music "art folk, because it combines the sophistication of conservatory, western training with the indigenous performance style of their long history."
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