Token Instrospective

Token Instrospective

作者 : KR!Z

出版社 : 鴻星唱片有限公司

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定價 : NT 599

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"Token has always believed in its vision and stayed true to itself. It's a label that I always keep an eye on and I'm always watching out for the next release. Here's to the next 6 years!" Ben Klock
"Token is label of strong conviction that's stayed true to it's vision, an admirable feat since it was started at a low ebb in the popularity of pure techno. Glad to see it's ridden out the fickleness of fashion." Surgeon
"Token is a label that has easily stayed true to itself and has put out some great dancefloor techno with some sublime intricate industrial soundscapes." Dave Clarke
"This Music is a Gift, use it to say something that means something" Robert Hood
"Token is one of the most important techno labels!" Marcel Dettmann
"From Inigo’s IDM/techno fusions to Phase perfectly straddling the Berlin/London divide Token has always offered something different with a commitment to quality that has never faltered. With Kaptain Kr!z at the helm I look forward to each new release to reach me." Perc

From the annual Token label nights at Berghain to travelling to Shanghai with Inigo Kennedy for a label night in the Chinese metropolis, Token founder Kr!z never thought his new venture would become such a bastion of global techno some 6 years later. Now he is the proud mixer of Token's first label compilation, a mix that brings together label highlights such as Inigo Kennedy's devastating 'Obsidian', Phase's massive 'Binary Opposition' and Mark Broom's 'Two' alongside remixes by techno figure heads Surgeon, James Ruskin, Ben Klock and Oscar Mulero whilst also nurturing new global techno talent such as Xhin, Ctrls, Makaton and Go Hiyama.
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