Dance on Deep Water

Dance on Deep Water

作者 : Edgar Knecht

作者 : 埃德加.尼赫特

出版社 : Ozella Music

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Dance On Deep Water / Edgar Knecht
由德國現今最具音樂天份和創意的鋼琴爵士樂演奏家和作曲家(Edgar Knecht)
夥拍著名的低音大提琴手(Rolf Denecke)和鼓手(Stephan Emig)和(Tobias Schulte)組成的三重奏已嶄新獨特的風格,
嫻熟的默契演奏多首Edgar Knecht的最新作品,
由德國著名錄音師(Dagobert Bohm)精心泡製,
後其母盤由<老虎魚(Pauler Acoustics)>完全德國製造,

The critics just can't hide their excitement when it comes to Edgar Knecht. "Jazz hasn't been this original and stimulating for a long time", one of them enthused; "This music is simply stunning", respected monthly Jazzpodium confessed; and Germany's biggest quality newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung wrote: "This is truly unheard-of music." And truly, the German pianist and his band of bassist Rolf Denecke and drum-duo Stephan Emig and Tobias Schulte succeed in creating something genuinely new:

A fusion of the vivacity of jazz and world music with the elegance of classical composition and the depth and clarity of ancient folk melodies.

Piano, bass and drums are dancing on the waves of deep waters, rhythms and melodies are rising like ecstatic fireworks. "And all of this", according to newspaper Hessische Allgemeine, "is done with plenty of Innigkeit, a boisterous joy of playing, a love for improvisation and spontaneity. Sometimes it's so good, it makes you cry."

Edgar Knecht - piano
Rolf Denecke - bass
Tobias Schulte - drums
Stephan Emig - percussion
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Edgar Knecht
Edgar Knecht

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