Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Park Avenue Event (3DVD)

Merce Cunningham Dance Company: Park Avenue Event (3DVD)

作者 : Merce Cunningham

作者 : 摩斯.康寧漢

出版社 : 鴻星唱片有限公司

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定價 : NT 1,999

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Park Avenue Event/Merce Cunningham Dance Company (3DVD)

On December 29,30 and 31, 2011, the Merce Cunningham Dance Company returned to New York City after the final company tour before its disbanding , to present six valedictory performances at the Park Avenue Armory. Performed across three stages, Park Avenue Armory Event was the culmination of nearly 60 years of cross disciplinary innovation. The company had completed its international Legacy Tour. This 3 dvd set is designed to give viewers the chance to see this historic performance as an edited film (Disc 1) and as three separate performances from each stage in its entirety (Disc 2) along with excerpts from the repertory works featured on the Legacy Tour (Disc 3). There are program notes for each stage and a illustrated essay by the noted curator and critic, Douglas Crimp.
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Park Avenue Event

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