Reading Cafe Book 1 (附MP3)

Reading Cafe Book 1 (附MP3)

作者 : Jon Marks/ Alison Wooder

出版社 : 台灣東華書局股份有限公司

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定價 : NT 475

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Reading Café is a set of two books aimed at young learners of English. The main focus is on reading comprehension with additional focus on listening, speaking, and writing. Each unit is based on a practical topic of high interest to the learners. The questions provided prompt learners to fully understand the text and to develop their language proficiency across all four skills. Features include:
Initial exercises to teach learners key vocabulary before they read the text.
Before you read
Learners scan the text quickly to identify the main topics.
Reading skills
Comprehension exercises covering a wide range of readings skills such reading for the main points, reading for details, understanding reasons, finding information, understanding the situation, and many more.
Useful language
Exercises on grammar points and expressions related to the text.
More vocabulary
Exercises which expand on vocabulary themes introduced in the text.
Listening tasks on related topics.
Time to think
Discussion activities on issues raised in the text.

Each main reading text in Book 1 is around 300 words. The language load is incremental: each unit is slightly more challenging than the previous one. Both vocabulary and grammar content are staged. Book 1 begins at approximately the level of the average young learner who has completed at least two to three years of tuition in English. Book 2 assumes a minimum of three to four years tuition.
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Jon Marks/Alison Wooder

主編:Maosung Lin / 編輯Sarah Brooks/Hsiau-hung Yau/Shumei Chu/Sheng-fang Lin/Bailong Huang/Minghuei Lee

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