UKF Summer Drum & Bass

UKF Summer Drum & Bass

作者 : Various Artist

出版社 : 鴻星唱片有限公司

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One billion views and counting! If anyone can document the bassline's endemic behaviour in current club music, it's UKF. Standing proud at the very forefront of the bass revolution since 2009 they've watched all manner of low frequencies worm, wriggle and writhe their way into almost every genre of dance music possible. From drum & bass, dubstep and beyond... Via their YouTube channels, events and compilations, UKF has delivered the very best of this seismic sonic shift to their subscriber base of over 3 million international bass fans.

And they continue. This summer sees the launch of UKF Summer Drum & Bass. The album is also launched in the same period as huge UKF events across Europe and US. 20 tracks; showcasing the best Summer Drum & Bass tracks around, including 2 huge exclusives tracks from Artificial Intelligence & Kathy Brown with 'Someone To Love' and Rollz featuring Katie's Ambition with 'Give It Time.

1 CD / 20 Tracks of Essential Summer Drum & Bass Music: UKF Summer Drum & Bass.
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Various Artist

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