Art Made from Books: Altered, Sculpted, Carved, Transformed

Art Made from Books: Altered, Sculpted, Carved, Transformed

作者 : Laura Heyenga/ Ed.


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定價 : NT 965

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Artists around the world have lately been turning to their bookshelves for more than just a good read, opting to cut, paint, carve, stitch or otherwise transform the printed page into whole new beautiful, thought-provoking works of art. Art Made from Books is the definitive guide to this compelling art form, showcasing groundbreaking work by today's most showstopping practitioners. From Su Blackwell's whimsical pop-up landscapes to the stacked-book sculptures of Kylie Stillman, each portfolio celebrates the incredible creative diversity of the medium. A preface by pioneering artist Brian Dettmer and an introduction by design critic Alyson Kuhn round out the collection. Presented in an unusual, tactile package with an exposed spine, this is an essential addition to the libraries of book lovers and art aficionados.



你可知道最近在全球藝術家之間,正掀起一股什麼樣的風潮嗎?他們近來頻頻造訪書架,但為的不是閱讀,而是為了運用切割、漆塗、雕刻、縫補,把一本本書轉化成一件件令人驚呼的嶄新藝術作品!《Art Made From Books》一書便是這種創新藝術形式的最佳見證,其中收錄了當代最為令人讚賞的多位藝術家作品,展現他們深具突破性的創作,像是有Su Blackwell以立體書呈現的天馬行空地景作品,也可見Kylie Stillman,以層疊書本完成的雕塑作品,在在呈現出這種創新的創作媒介,能變幻出多少精彩多樣的風貌與創意。

本書特地邀請此一創作領域的先驅藝術家Brian Dettmer撰寫前言,以及設計評論家Alyson Kuhn撰寫導讀,更增添可看性。此外,本作在裝幀上也深富巧思,本身彷彿就是一件藝術品,絕對是所有愛書者以及藝術狂熱迷書架上不可或缺的一部作品!

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