Visual Image Design: Restaurants & Hotels

Visual Image Design: Restaurants & Hotels

作者 : Li Aihong/ Ed.

出版社 : 藝力國際出版有限公司

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定價 : NT 1,500

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Visual Image Design: Restaurants & Hotels takes as its theme the need to create a corporate identity; a complete quick glance visual representation that expresses the unique culture of a place by providing a snapshot of who you are and what you do by reducing it down to simple patterns, typeface and images.

Creating a brand requires the design of a common thread, a visual language that binds the package for the customer to collect and take-away; within this collection is a diverse range of designs selling food and a home-from-home escape that can be easily identified from matchbooks to napkins and business cards to menus selling lifestyle and a sense of place and belonging in an almost overwhelming marketplace of themes and ideas.

Of interest particularly to anyone who is looking to launch a new enterprise within this industry, and is looking for inspiration and new ideas.

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Li Aihong(ed.)

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