Naive15週年限量專輯: 安.蘇菲.范歐塔 (3CD)

Naive15週年限量專輯: 安.蘇菲.范歐塔 (3CD)

作者 : 安.蘇菲.范歐塔/ 馬克.明可斯基/ 布瑞德.梅爾道

作者 : Anne Sofie Von Otter/ Marc Minkowski/ Brad Mehldau


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The first four parts of Antonio Vivaldi's twelve violin concertos, Op. 8, from 1725, "The Four Seasons", are today one of the most frequently performed concerto pieces worldwide. They have been performed by perhaps every famous violinist of the present day. This fresh new recording by Pavel Sporcl with the Prague Philharmonia shows that despite the "saturated market"it is still possible to come up with a singular, unique conception. Sporcl plays his new, provocatively blue-varnished violin, custom built for him by the finest Czech violin-maker, Jan Spidlen.According to some critics, currently the best recording in Sporcl's discography is not authentic in terms of the instruments used, yet both the soloist and the orchestra, besides brilliant technique, possess a great sense for Baroque phrasing and "chiaroscuro". Bach's concerto for two violins in D minor starkly contrasts with Vivaldi's figurativeness and expressivity. Here you will hear Sporcl's new instrument twice since the soloist recorded both of the solo parts. As a bonus, the CD contains a video recording of the Spring and Winter parts directly from the studio.
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Anne Sophie Von Otter

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