Insights 2: Student's Book and Workbook

Insights 2: Student's Book and Workbook

作者 : Judy Garton-Sprenger/ Philip Prowse/ Marcelo Baccarin/ Helena Gomm/ Catherine Smith

出版社 : Macmillan Education

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Insights is a six-level course for teenagers from near-beginner to intermediate level.

The material evolves as the students mature, reflecting their changing needs and interests.

Insights builds on the success of the American Inspiration series and brings it up to date with new content and the added flexibility of short, concise levels.

The key features of Insights are:
‧a systematic approach to language skills, with reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills development integrated within each unit
‧presentation of language functions and grammatical structures through engaging texts, and practice in contextualized activities
‧exposure to useful vocabulary relevant to the students' lives
‧development of writing through both guided writing tasks and more open activities
‧increased cross-curricular and intercultural content, including the use of English in the learners' own environment
‧clear grammar reference and extra practice material at the end of each unit (Levels 1-4), and at the end of the Student's Book section (Levels 5 and 6)
‧a focus on developing learner independence, through self assessment and an awareness of personal learning styles
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Judy Garton-Sprenger/Philip Prowse/Marcelo Baccarin/Helena Gomm/Catherine Smith

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