Dansere (3CD)

Dansere (3CD)

作者 : Jan Garbarek/ Bobo Stenson/ Palle Danielsson/ Jon Christensen/ Terje Rypdal/ Arild Andersen

作者 : 楊.葛伯瑞克/ 波波.史坦生/ 巴雷.丹尼爾頌/ 瓊.布雷克/ 泰傑.瑞普道爾/ 阿里爾德.安德森


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A welcome return to the ECM catalog for three of the most striking of the early recordings which Jan Garbarek made for the label in the 1970s. In different but related ways Sart (1971), Witchi-Tai-To (1973) and Dansere (1975) brought freshly intelligent and invigorating perspective to bear on questions of dynamics, group sound, interaction and swing, the relation of improvisation and abstraction to the roots of jazz, and the relevance of archetypal yet freshly inflected folk forms to contemporary music. Two ensembles are heard here – Garbarek/Stenson/Rypdal/Andersen/Christensen on the exploratory Sart, and the spirited Jan Garbarek-Bobo Stenson Quartet, one of the most exciting groups of the era.

Jan Garbarek soprano, tenor and bass saxophones, flute
Bobo Stenson piano, electric piano
Palle Danielsson double-bass
Jon Christensen drums, percussion
Terje Rypdal guitar
(on Sart)
Arild Andersen double-bass
(on Sart)
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楊.葛伯瑞克 Jan Garbarek

Bobo Stenson

Palle Danielsson

Jon Christensen

Terje Rypdal

Arild Andersen

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