Sunday in Bed 7 (2CD)

Sunday in Bed 7 (2CD)


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Sexy sounds for lazy lovers

How you spent a whole long Sunday confidently stylish and gracefully in bed is of course a matter of believe. 

Our credo: Even when you are lying in bed an upright behaviour seems to be appropriate.
You can do a lot of things. Like tactile communication, or an active discussion about world peace. Assumed that you are two at least. Solo you can watch "Lillyhammer" or "True Detectives" on the laptop. You have an extensive breakfast and drink champagne. You listen to music that spoils the ears and provokes the spirit a little bit from time to time. You could describe the situation as being active in a passive attitude. For these beautiful moments we make the compilation series "Sunday in Bed". Easy and (hopefully) exciting, timelessly modern, guaranteed not for (spiritual) deactivation.

This is certainly not everyone's cup of tea. " 'Sunday in Bed' tempts to put you in an upright position, more than to keep you in bed…", judges Ingo Möller, Vine product tester for Amazon about "Sunday in Bed, Vol. VI". "The individual pieces are not bad, but unfortunately do not fulfil the expectations of a selection referring to this name."

Because we are open for constructive criticism, we admit that the visual concept with the barely dressed young women, as well as the name and claim: Sunday in Bed – Crazy Sounds for lazy Lovers... throw the gates wide open for deep misunderstandings. This is also what the editorial office of SPIEGEL ONLINE thinks: „Sunday in Bed appears to be like all the other designer-mix-sound carriers with fluffy Schubidu-Pilates-Schwurbel-music, which are collecting dust on the counters of boutiques and coffee shops. Surprisingly this edition is very nice. Two men named Schmidt added exciting, but also surprising songs to a documentary collage."
Indeed we do not see our series as musical herbal sauna, in which colourless New Age and Lounge in combination with the chirping of birds sucks your brain away… From "Kuschel Rock" to "Kuschel Klassik" sedative junk grows on the market in abundance. We certainly do not line up in this queue…

And – Yes! To be honest, we slap our hands on our thighs quite loud and often when artists like Serge Gainsbourg, The XX, Frank Ocean or Bloc Party via "Sunday in Bed" got listed, by music professionals and the style police, as Easy Listening.

Yes, the concept is not without irony, but one thing needs to be made very clear: In a better world, as the one we are living in, all the songs which we selected for Sunday in Bed, would have already arrived in the mainstream. How do they say in South Park: "We believe that Canada has apologised often enough for Brian Adams…" 

We do not apologize; we just go on with our ambiguous project! 

Ladies and Gentleman, Clubstar proudly presents a 25 Records Compilation: Sunday in Bed, Volume VII!

CD1. We start with a beautiful edit of Barry Whites classic "Love Theme" by Orchestral Maneuvres In The Dark. Afterwards we dig up the terrific Toddla T from the Sheffield Underground, connect the neo-soul-hero Mayer Hawthorne with the adorable Jesse Ware, let Tortured Soul – who Gilles Peterson once called the "future of house music" – be with "We like Tequila" pretty ambiguously (!) nice and evil. Nick Waterhouse, the swinging darling of the rhythm & blues scene follows, then horror show with a crossover of rap and Beach Boys sound.
We have the Brazilian icons Artur Verocai and Caetano Veloso on board, Amos Lee - who was No. 1 in the Billboard charts – with the hippie anthem "Flower" – and at the end the 18 minutes track "Druck" by Richard Wahnfried aka Klaus Schulze, who stood in the 80s like nobody else for the globally admired electro scene from Berlin. "Druck" was for many years standard repertoire in Munich posh club P1. So what! The track from 1981 is an incontestable masterpiece.

CD2. The opener is "Outlines" by Alunageorge, the dream duo of British Dubstep. Next up are the newcomers Kan Wakan from L.A. with a mixture of Walker Brothers and France Galle, very opulent, very well arranged. The Temples, an interesting young rockband, follow. Malia and Boris Blank (the walrus mustache of Yello) with powerful-elegant synthie pop. Trombone Shorty, who took the most famous band from New Orleans, the Meters, after thirty years back into the studio, for his version of "Be my Lady", William Fitzsimmons, one of the new stars of the singer/songwriter fraction. In the last third of the disc comes an electro sequence with the 14 minutes "Hold the Line" as climax. Etienne de Crecy produced the track in 2000. Nobody embraced experimentation more than him, nobody had more style. Watch out for the beautiful sample of Esther Phillips. At the end: FGTH, the un / forgotten…
Sunday in Bed is a father / son project by Leo (1990) and Stefan (1956) Schmidt.
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