The History of Modern Fashion

The History of Modern Fashion

作者 : Daniel James Cole/ Nancy Deihl


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一張張照片與插圖,美麗得讓人瞠目結舌,是非常享受的閱讀經驗。豐富的知識性,採用編年史,標誌出這一百多年時尚大事件, 一段段歷史造就時尚的過程。

This lavishly illustrated book looks at the history of fashion from 1850 to 2010. Taking a decade-by-decade approach, Daniel James Cole and Nancy Deihl explore the history of fashion as a lively and dynamic manifestation of twentieth-century culture. Covering chronological changes in womenswear, menswear and childrenswear, the book looks at the dissemination of style and the mechanisms of change, at the relationship between fashion and the visual, applied and performing arts, the intertwined relationship between fashion and popular culture, the impact of new materials and technology and the growing globalization of style. Illustrated with photographs of costume from museums and images from the fashion press including editorial photography, illustrations and advertising, the book will include insights into icons of fashion and the clothes worn by 'real people', providing a valuable visual reference for the reader.
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