Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No.1 Enemy

Red Notice: How I Became Putin's No.1 Enemy

作者 : Bill Browder


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讀來就像是驚悚片;但卻是真實故事。2009年11月,莫斯科監獄發生八名員警毆打犯人Sergei Magnitsky致死,引發國際關注,2011年,美國通過Hermitage Capital法案,凡與Magnitsky之死相關的俄聯邦安全局、員警部門及看守所等60名列入黑名單,拒絕向他們發放入境簽證。Red Notice,就是揭發粉飾俄羅斯當局對Sergei Magnitsky的監禁和謀殺的秘辛,深入到克里姆林宮,開普京主義的骯髒真相。原本是金融家的作者轉變為人權主義者,為他已故的律師朋友揭開一個充滿詐欺、賄賂、腐敗國家下令人震驚且不堪的真相。

Bill Browder原本是俄羅斯最大的國外投資者,也是雇用Sergei Magnitsky為該公司律師者,所以他對於Sergei Magnitsky從被逮捕到死亡,有第一手資料與觀察,在撰寫Red Notice一書後,普京下令禁止他進入俄國。

November 2009. An emaciated young lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, is led to a freezing isolation cell in a Moscow prison, handcuffed to a bed rail, and beaten to death by eight police officers. His crime? To testify against the Russian Interior Ministry officials who were involved in a conspiracy to steal $230 million of taxes paid to the state by one of the world’s most successful hedge funds. Magnitsky’s brutal killing has remained uninvestigated and unpunished to this day. His farcical posthumous show-trial brought Putin's regime to a new low in the eyes of the international community.

Red Notice is a searing exposé of the wholesale whitewash by Russian authorities of Magnitsky’s imprisonment and murder, slicing deep into the shadowy heart of the Kremlin to uncover its sordid truths. Bill Browder – the hedge fund manager who employed Magnitsky – takes us on his explosive journey from the heady world of finance in New York and London in the 1990s, through his battles with ruthless oligarchs in the turbulent landscape of post-Soviet Union Moscow, to his expulsion from Russia on Putin’s orders.

Browder’s graphic portrait of the Russian government as a criminal enterprise wielding all the power of a sovereign state illuminates his personal transformation from financier to human rights activist, campaigning for justice for his late lawyer and friend. With fraud, bribery, corruption and torture exposed at every turn, Red Notice is a shocking but true political roller-coaster that plays out in the highest echelons of Western power.
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