The Closer: My Story

The Closer: My Story

作者 : Mariano Rivera


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ESPN讚譽他是偉大的化身....從未有過任何這樣的,而且很可能有永遠不會再有。 Mariano Rivera獨一無二。 

當代最傑出救援投手,史上最高救援數的Mariano Rivera, 2011年9月20日紐約洋基對戰明尼蘇達雙城隊的比賽,完美第九局讓洋基保住戰果,以六比四擊敗雙城。這也是他602次救援成功,改寫大聯盟紀錄。

退休之後,洋基球迷推動將洋基球場附近161街上的街道,命名為李維拉大道(Rivera Avenue)

這本由他與美國知名體育記者Wayne Coffey共同撰寫的自傳,難得一見,呈現他完整的故事,大聯盟老闆們(包括老闆)的競爭,最優秀的棒球球員都想擠進洋基隊,一個拉丁裔棒球運動員如何在美國大聯盟出類拔萃,那背後的競爭與血汗,是外人難以想像,他的故事足以感動世人,激發更多想要成功的決心,The Closer: My Story,精彩可期。

While he is listed along with Ruth, Mantle, Gehrig, and DiMaggio as a top-five Yankee of all time, Rivera is also a man of God and family whose contributions to charity and community ensure a meaningful life long after his time as The Closer is over. He is the man who has intimidated thousands of batters by merely opening a bullpen door.

Now he will tell his story for the first time: the championships, the bosses (including The Boss), the rivalries, the struggles of being a Latino baseball player in the United States, and of maintaining Christian values in professional athletics. The 12-time All-Star will discuss what it's like to run up to that mound with the game--or the season--squarely on his shoulders.
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