McGraw-Hill Education GMAT 2016 (Cross-Platform Ed.)

McGraw-Hill Education GMAT 2016 (Cross-Platform Ed.)

作者 : Sandra Luna Mccune/ Shannon Reed

出版社 : McGraw-Hill Education (Singapore)

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定價 : NT 1,575

售價9折, NT1,418


The only one-stop GMAT study system that lets you practice across all platforms--print, online, and mobile!

With the McGraw-Hill Education: GMAT 2016, Cross-Platform Edition you can take practice tests in print and on your computer, tablet, or smartphone--or all of the above!

The book covers the foundations of each essential concept covered on the exam, introduces proven test-taking strategies, and includes review exercises in each chapter to help you increase your confidence.

McGraw-Hill Education: GMAT 2016, Cross-Platform Edition includes:

10 interactive practice GMATs: the 4 from the book and 6 additional tests
Question-a-Day app provides regular opportunities for review
Test Planner app helps you organize your time and design your own study schedules
Answer keys with full explanations
About the Cross-Platform format:

The Cross-Platform format provides a fully comprehensive print, online, and mobile program:

Entire instructional content available in print and digital form
Personalized study plan and daily goals
Powerful analytics to assess test readiness
Flashcards, games, and social media for additional support
For the time-pressured GMAT student, this unparalleled digital access means that full study resources are always at hand.
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