Mastering Coaching: Practical Insights for Developing High Performance

Mastering Coaching: Practical Insights for Developing High Performance

作者 : Max Landsberg


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非常寶貴的指導,有效幫助領導者管理上的種種學問,所有會碰到的挑戰,都能獲得解決之道。──Alistair Cox



有別於坊間著重理論的管理書籍,Mastering Coaching強調實踐的重要性,並且從神經科學、運動心理學、正念、積極心理學等,教導與訓練讀者掌握領導的訣竅,並提供了一清晰、簡單的實用指南,幫助管理者發展出自己一套做法。

作者Max Landsberg,執行教練和職業發展專家,常年暢銷教練之道,掌握教練教練的基本知識,行之有效的路線圖,達到成功。

Coaching is one of the most sought-after leadership skills - vital for anyone who wants to develop a team of people who will perform effectively, but are also motivated and relish working together. It's also a dynamic discipline which, in recent years, has developed and grown to embrace theory and practice from a wide range of other disciplines, frameworks and models.

Mastering Coaching starts by asking what skills an effective coach must now possess to boost the performance of their coachees. In response, it summarises the most important research in areas such as neuroscience, sports psychology and mindfulness, positive psychology, mastery and goal-setting and offers a clear, simple and practical guide to how this new thinking can help coaches and managers to develop their own coaching practice.

Written by Max Landsberg, executive coaching and professional development expert and author of the perennial bestseller The Tao of Coaching, Mastering Coaching goes beyond the basics of coaching by providing insights which offer a proven route map to coaching success.

Practical and jargon-free, the book will equip readers with the techniques and tools necessary to take their coaching to next level.
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