Debating China: The U.S.-China Relationship in Ten Conversations

Debating China: The U.S.-China Relationship in Ten Conversations

作者 : Nina Hachigian/ Ed.


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Nina Hachigian,現為美國進步中心資深研究員及美國外交關係協會會員。曾任職美國國家安全委員會。曾合著《The Next American Century: How the U.S. Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise》,以其專業及獨具見解的分析角度,曾為Foreign Affairs及The Washington Quarterly擔任專欄作家,同時也為紐約時報、洛杉磯時報及南華早報等撰寫多篇探討中美關係等相關社論。也曾在CNN、Fox News、BBC及NPR等專業新聞節目出席客座嘉賓。

America and China are the two most powerful players in global affairs, and no relationship is more consequential. How they choose to cooperate and compete affects billions of lives. But U.S.-China relations are complex and often delicate, featuring a multitude of critical issues that America and China must navigate together. Missteps could spell catastrophe. In Debating China, Nina Hachigian pairs American and Chinese experts in collegial "letter exchanges" that illuminate this multi-dimensional and complex relationship. These fascinating conversations-written by highly respected scholars and former government officials from the U.S. and China-provide an invaluable dual perspective on such crucial issues as trade and investment, human rights, climate change, military dynamics, regional security in Asia, and the media, including the Internet. The engaging dialogue between American and Chinese experts gives readers an inside view of how both sides see the key challenges. Readers bear witness to the writers' hopes and frustrations as they explore the politics, values, history, and strategic frameworks that inform their positions. This unique volume is perfect for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of U.S.-China relations today.
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