A Dog Named Jimmy

A Dog Named Jimmy

作者 : Rafael Mantesso

作者 : 拉斐爾.曼特索

出版社 : Avery Publishing Group, Inc.

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Rafael Mantesso30歲的生日,老婆離開他,帶走了家具、廚具、照片,留下空白的公寓,空蕩蕩的一顆心,還有一隻牛頭梗Jimmy Choo,狗與失婚的男人,面對空無一物的公寓,四面白牆,無所是事,相依為命,百無聊賴之際,Mantesso突發奇想,用Jimmy為主角,在白牆上畫出各式各樣的圖案創作,長期休眠的靈感,就在這一個個以牛頭梗為主題的繪圖,他找到目標,藝術生命的回歸。



現在的Jimmy Choo可是不同凡響,大名鼎鼎的牛頭梗哦!

老婆走了,留下空蕩蕩的公寓和一隻狗…失婚設計師在 Instagram 引起旋風的名狗Jimmy Choo


A whimsical 4-colour book combining 100 images of popular Instagram celebrity dog, Jimmy Choo the Bull Terrier.

During the summer of 2014, an infectious bull terrier went viral on the Internet from Brazil to England and Italy, China to France and England to North America, from the Today show to the Huffington Post, USA Today and the Daily Mail. The owner, Brazilian graphic artist Rafael Mantesso, was recently divorced and left with not much except his small unfurnished apartment with white walls and his beloved five-year-old bull terrier, named by his fashion executive ex-wife after her favourite shoe designer, Jimmy Choo. 

As Mantesso took up painting and drawing again, he found inspiration in his blank walls and best friend, snapping iPhone photos of Jimmy Choo in various poses and costumes, often with added quirky line illustrations as backdrops. The result? 100 charming and cheeky images chronicling the owner and dog's relationship and adventures, including poses in a Star Wars storm trooper helmet, passed out with liquor bottles or as the shark in Jaws. 

Mantesso's Instagram feed garnered attention from all over the internet and print media despite the fact that he wasn't selling anything or doing any publicity himself. Soon the popularity of the images even gained the attention of luxury shoe brand Jimmy Choo Ltd. 

Now, Mantesso presents a definitive selection of 100 all new and favourite images of Jimmy, this time produced with the benefit of professional equipment and a studio. He also includes the background story of how he and Jimmy became such great collaborators. A DOG NAMED JIMMY will be adored by those who enjoyed the Simon's Cat cartoons and Carli Davidson's Shake books.

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