Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis: A Step-by-Step Approach (4 Ed.)

Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis: A Step-by-Step Approach (4 Ed.)

作者 : Harris M. Cooper

出版社 : SAGE Publications

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Providing researchers with a practical and accessible advice, the Fourth Edition of the lauded Research Synthesis and Meta-Analysis offers thoroughly updated information. Author Harris M. Cooper draws on more than 30 years of experience to show readers how to conduct a comprehensive synthesis of past research.
Key Updates of the Fourth Edition:

- Presents an updated version of Cooper’s easy-to-follow seven-step research synthesis process

- Highlights the critical questions to ask about synthesis methodology at each step and the identification of “best practices”

- Contains two new chapters giving expanded treatments of gathering information from studies and interpreting the evidence from a research synthesis

- Provides completely updated material on techniques for searching the literature with an emphasis on new technologies and the Internet

- Includes a discussion of recent advances and issues in meta-analysis statistical techniques

- Offers new standards for reporting meta-analyses results

- Incorporates new research syntheses drawn from the fields of education, social/developmental psychology, and health throughout the book

The book is written in plain language with numerous examples. Each chapter concludes with exercises for use as class projects. Readers who are engaged in their first research synthesis will find ample guidance to help them through the process. Experienced research synthesists will find lucid discussions of complex problems.
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