Rubens in Private: The Master Portrays His Family

Rubens in Private: The Master Portrays His Family

作者 : Ben Van Beneden/ Ed.



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歐洲宮廷畫家彼得•保羅•魯本斯(Peter Paul Rubens)是17世紀巴洛克藝術最傑出的代表人物。他所創造的畫作,色彩熱情飽滿且構圖充滿戲劇性。精湛的畫藝及擅長外交的性格,讓他成為炙手可熱的宮廷畫家。縱使魯本斯經常置身於繁忙的外交生活,但從他為家人所描繪的大量肖像畫可看出魯本斯其實是個愛家的好男人。魯本斯故居蒐羅世界各地展出多幅未曾公開的私藏畫作,畫作中的角色從魯本斯早逝的第一任妻子Isabella和他後來再娶的年輕美麗妻子Helena,及他最喜愛的女兒Clara及兄弟姊妹,充滿情感及不矯柔造作的繪畫手法,更顯現出魯本斯對家人的重視,展現魯本斯最真實的情感及柔情。這些私藏肖像畫是表現魯本斯對家人之愛的最佳證明。

Ben van Beneden目前為比利時安特衛普魯本斯故居的管理者;Philip Heylen為安特衛普市的副市長,負責管理安特衛普市的藝術文化資產。

Michelangelo regarded portraiture as a trivial genre, and Peter Paul Rubens did not instantly develop a preference for it either. Yet Rubens succeeded, as none other, in endowing his portraits with an almost palpable sense of immediacy, and was to become one of the greatest portraitists of all time. His most beautiful and surprising portraits are those of his immediate family. These intimate pictures were not intended for public display and are therefore considerably freer and more experimental than the likenesses he painted of influential patrons. Nothing about these private images seems idealized. They are uncommonly honest and veracious and at the same time expressive of great tenderness. While the hundreds of letters he wrote reveal very little about his emotional life, Rubens s portraits of family members testify in a special way to the affection he felt for his first and second wives, his brother and his children.
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