作者 : Stefano Tonchi/ Maria Luisa Frisa



定價 : NT 4,025

售價79折, NT3,180




本書採編年方式,以大量圖片,完整地呈現豪門Versace的歷史。透過獨家文章與從未問世的照片,本書展現Versace家族風格的內部運作方式,以及它與工作室、名人和時尚家族們的深厚關係。來自Versace家族檔案的圖像,如:由著名時尚攝影師Irving Penn拍攝的照片,或是來自伸展台和走在紅毯上的明星照來豐富本書的內容,看珍妮.佛羅培茲、安潔莉娜.裘莉、Lady Gaga等巨星穿上Versace所展現的霸氣與魔魅之力。凡是著迷於時尚或名人文化的讀者,千萬不能錯過這本絕對奢華的圖錄。

A long-awaited and highly intimate visual history of the glamorous, world-renowned, and family-run Italian fashion house Versace. Versace, a name that epitomizes decadent glamour, bold sexiness, and a mythical flair for the extravagant, holds its place firmly in the fashion world as a legendary and iconic luxury brand. From its beginnings in the 1970s under the helm of fashion s creative genius Gianni Versace, to its current status as a celebrity go-to brand led by his flamboyant sister Donatella Versace, this comprehensive volume chronicles the illustrious trajectory of the House of Versace. Through exclusive new essays and never-before-published photographs, this captivating and personal album reveals the family-style inner workings of Versace and the deeply close relationships the luxury brand has sustained with its atelier, celebrity, and fashion families. Featuring private images from the Versace family archives; photographs by Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, and Steven Meisel, among others; Versace runway images; and red-carpet coverage of such Hollywood elites as Jennifer Lopez, Angelina Jolie, and Lady Gaga wearing Versace gowns, this glamorous album illustrates the magnetic vibrancy, supreme luxury, and deep familial ties that define the Versace family and their fashion house. This is truly an essential volume for those fascinated by fashion, style, and celebrity culture."

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