The Making of Stanley Kubrick's: 2001: A Space Odyssey

The Making of Stanley Kubrick's: 2001: A Space Odyssey

作者 : Piers Bizony


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太空迷及科幻迷最推崇及難忘的經典作品《2001:太空漫遊》,影響後世無數的科幻電影,連大導演諾蘭的《星際效應》都深受啟發,電影中HAL 9000人工智慧的現身,似乎也精準預測了未來世界是如何將想像的科技實現。本書完整重現《2001:太空漫遊》的幕後製作過程,從演員、資深製片、特效專家及電影的幕後推手史丹利•庫柏力克及科幻小說家亞瑟•查理斯•克拉克( Arthur Charles Clarke),透過他們共同的努力,成功打造出壯闊的外太空世界,徹底改變科幻電影史,書中一次揭露電影的發想到誕生、未公開的珍貴劇照及原始劇本。科學作家畢卓尼詳細記載導演傑作的起源,及如何與科幻小說家克拉克的合作,透過電影未來世界場景延伸對未來科技的無限想像,以科學知識探討《2001:太空漫遊》無窮無盡的潛藏奧秘,這樣的經典之作,豈能再次錯過!

科學作家畢卓尼(Piers Bizony),著作包括《Atom》、《The Man Who Ran the Moon》、《Starman》、《2001: Filming the Future》及《美麗新視界:現代科技突破視覺極限》(Invisible Worlds: Exploring the Unseen )。

M/M(Paris)是由Mathias Augustyniak及Michael Amzalag共同組成的法國雙人組設計團隊。合作對象包括服裝品牌山本耀司、巴黎世家、紀梵希及Stella McCartney。也曾為時尚雜誌《Vogue》及《Interview》擔任藝術總監及創意顧問。

Get closer than ever to the movie that changed the movies. This behind-the-scenes spectacular of 2001: Space Odyssey sheds light on the lead actors, senior production designers, special-effects experts, who together with the intricate mastermind of Kubrick himself, revolutionized science fiction and the art of cinema. Previously available as part of the multi-volume and instant sell-out Collector's Edition, this exhaustive visual record includes on and offset photographs, pre-production paintings, conceptual designs, and publicity materials from the Kubrick archives. With numerous fold-outs, these dazzling images offer insight both into Kubrick's meticulous directorial methods, and into the mysteries and magnetism of a film at once vast in scope and intricate in its human interest. Written and researched over several years by the outer space, special effects, and technology journalist Piers Bizony, this compendium is both an exhaustive labour of love and a monument to a masterpiece of 20th century culture.

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