Voices of Photography攝影之聲2015特輯: SHOUT

Voices of Photography攝影之聲2015特輯: SHOUT

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Voices of Photography 攝影之聲
2015特輯 : SHOUT

SHOUT 是《攝影之聲》出版的一份不定型特輯系列,本輯首發介紹台灣、日本、韓國、中國的16位攝影新進創作者,並邀集攝影評論人張世倫、松本知己、宋修庭與任悅,分別書寫當代攝影的發展現況觀察。

SHOUT is a special issue series published by Voices of Photography with no stylistic limitations. In this very first issue we introduce 16 young artists from Taiwan, Japan,
Korea and China, and invited photo critics Shih-Lun Chang, Tomoki Matsumoto,
Sujong Song and Yue Ren to give their observations on contemporary photography.

——關於 Voices of Photography 攝影之聲——
《Voices of Photography 攝影之聲》是一份攝影藝術獨立刊物,2011年9月在台灣創刊。每期介紹當代攝影作品與攝影藝術家,藉由訪問藝術家、藝廊、策展人、出版人與相關藝術工作者,以及提供攝影專欄、攝影書評與攝影展覽資訊的介紹,探索攝影藝術的創作概念、文化與思潮。


Voices of Photography is an independent publication dedicated to contemporary
photography. Launched in September 2011 in Taiwan, VOP features contemporary
photographers and artists, as well as interviews with artists, gallerists, curators, and publishers and other related professionals worldwide, to share and explore the creativity and philosophy of photography.

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陳以軒, 輔仁大學廣告傳播學系畢業,後於紐約普瑞特藝術學院獲得攝影碩士。他以攝影為創
CHEN IHsuen earned his BA degree in Advertising & Public Relations from Fu Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan, and received his MFA in Photography from Pratt Institute, New York, USA. Through photography Chen develops myriad forms of art. Photos, artist books, videos, installations, and performances make up the interdisciplinary body of his work. Chen’s recent projects explore how photography as a mode of production portrays personal life history, and how imagery as a medium of communication generates fallacy and obscurity.


HUANG Sherry was born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. She has an MFA in Photography from Academy of Art University (AAU), San Francisco, and currently works as a freelance photographer in Taipei. Her solo exhibition “Dead Letter” was held in 2013. Sherry’s work can be found in various art websites and magazines. She is now working on her first photobook.

WU MongJane was born in Taipei, Taiwan. Studied sociology and architectural history
before she received an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston in 2012. Wu uses photography, installation, and performance to explore ideas of form and formalities, and how they constitute identities, stereotypes, and general impressions. Her work has been shown in Taiwan and the United States, including “Photo National 2011”, “New England Photography Biennial” (2012), and “TIVAC Photo Awards Juror’s Choice” (2014). She was recently awarded a New Talent Grant from the Ministry of Culture for her first solo exhibition in Taiwan.
www. mongjanewu.com

物件和場景的超自然樣貌,構築關於身體與其周遭空間的連結關係。作品曾刊載於《Dazed Digital》,《Neon Magazine》以及《Bloomberg BusinessWeek》,並於倫敦、柏林、冰島、聖保羅、曼谷、上海和台北等地展出。她的夢想是建造一個供藝術家居住的行動樹屋,一起旅行並造訪外星公路。 
CHENG Ting earned her BA degree in School of Fine Arts from Taipei National University of the Arts, then went to London to dive into Photography at Goldsmiths College. Building a connection between the body and the space around it, Cheng captures everyday objects and situations in snapshots that seem positively otherworldly. Her works has been featured in a variety of media, such as Dazed Digital , Neon Magazine , and Bloomberg BusinessWeek . She has also exhibited her work internationally, including London, Berlin, Iceland, Sao Paulo, Bangkok, Shanghai, and Taipei. Her dream is to build a mobile treehouse artist residence then travel together with all the artists to visit an Extraterrestrial highway.


赤鹿麻耶,生於1985年,現居於日本大阪。畢業於關西大學後,赤鹿於大阪藝術大學學習攝影。平時以意象為出發點收集素材,拍攝人物與素材搭配後所產生的事物,目前也正在挑戰拍攝動態影像。曾於2011年獲得CANON寫真新世紀大賞,2012年獲Visual Arts Photo Award大賞,並出版攝影書《風.食..》(AKAAKA出版)。
AKASHIKA Maya, born in 1985, currently resides in Osaka, Japan. After graduating from Kansai University, she studied photography at Visual Arts College Osaka. She collects materials based on imagery, then captures the images formed when these materials are put together with people. Currently, she is challenging herself with capturing moving images. She was the Grand Prix winner of the Canon New Cosmos of Photography in 2011, Grand Prix of the Visual Arts Photo Award in 2012, and published the photobook Eating Wind in 2012.
www. akashikamaya.com

高橋宗正,1980年生於東京。曾以藝術團體SABA成員身分獲得2002年CANON寫真新世紀優秀賞。2010年由AKAAKA出版其第一本攝影書《Skyfish》。2011年日本海嘯過後,高橋參與了「Memory Salvage」計畫,該計畫將在災區尋獲的照片清理乾淨後,以數位建檔並歸還原主。隔年,他發起了「LOST & FOUND」計畫,巡迴展出「Memory Salvage」計畫中的照片,為該計畫進行的所在地山元町募款,後於2014年出版為《Tsunami, Photographs, and Then》(AKAAKA出版)。2015年,高橋以他自己創立的獨立出版品牌VERO,發行了第二本攝影書《石...》。
TAKAHASHI Munemasa born in 1980, Tokyo. Takahashi won Excellence Award for Canon New Cosmos of Photography 2002 as a member of the artist unit SABA. He published his first monograph Skyfish (2010) from AKAAKA. Joined Memory Salvage as vice president, a project to clean the photos found after the tsunami 2011, and to make a digital archive of the photos to return them to their original owners. In 2012, he founded LOST&FOUND PROJECT, a traveling exhibition project to show badly damaged photos from Memory Salvage, to raise funds for Yamamoto cho, where the projects are located. In 2014, he published a book Tsunami, Photographs, and Then from AKAAKA. In 2015, he published his second monograph Laying Stones from VERO, his self publishing label.

倉谷 卓
倉谷卓,生於日本山形縣。2005年畢業於日本寫真藝術專門學校之後,多在東北地方與東京工作。他對於環境和時間這兩個因素使攝影有所不同,而攝影媒材可以給予或轉換價值和角色感到興趣。近期的個展包括:大阪Bloom Gallery「.....開..」(2014)、大阪Broom Store「Pets」(2014)、東京森岡書店「Ghost's Drive」以及東京72藝廊「.....開..」(2015)。
KURAYA Takashi was born and raised in Yamagata Prefecture, Japan. Sincegraduating
from Nippon Photographic Institute in 2005, he mostly works around Tohoku area and
Tokyo. He has a strong interest in photography as a media gives or changes value and role itself. Environment and time are two factors that make differences. Recent solo exhibitions include: “A Glimmer of light” Bloom Gallery (Osaka, 2014), “Pets” (Broom Store, 2014), “Ghost’s Drive” Morioka Shoten (Tokyo, 2015), “A Glimmer of Light” 72Gallery (Tokyo, 2015).

西野.平,1982年生於日本兵庫縣。就讀大阪藝術大學期間,他便開始進行《Diorama Map 》系列創作,將自己的記憶作為城市的堆疊符號。獲得2005年CANON寫真新世紀優秀賞後, 西野在各國參與許多聯展、國際藝術節以及個展,如倫敦Saatchi Gallery「Out of Focus」( 2012)、東京都寫真美術館「日本.新進作家展vol.10」(2012)以及紐約ICP「A Different Kind of Order: The ICP Triennial」(2013)。曾獲頒2013年日本寫真協會賞新人賞並入選荷蘭《Foam》季刊「Foam Talents Call 2013」攝影新銳。
NISHINO Sohei born in Hyogo in 1982. When he was a university student at Osaka
University of Arts, he started his series Diorama Map which is created from his memory of layered icons of the city. Since receiving Excellence Award of Canon New Cosmos
Photography Award in 2005, he has participated in several group shows, international
festivals and solo exhibitions all over the world such as. the “Out of Focus” exhibition at the Saatchi Gallery in London (2012), Contemporary Japanese Photography vol.10 at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Tokyo (2012), A Different Kind of Order: ICP Triennial at ICP in NY (2013). He was recently received as newcomer's award for Photographic society of Japan awards of 2013 and also selected as one of the artists for Foam Talent call 2013 of Foam magazine.


曾於美國南加州大學修習藝術史,2006年畢業。2013年取得普瑞特藝術學院及帕森設計學院藝術創作碩士,目前於韓國弘益大學攻讀攝影博士。曾於韓國、香港及歐美各地舉辦多次展覽,其中包括六次個展,曾入選《British Journal of Photography》2013年度20位攝影家以及香港《南華早報》年度五位矚目亞洲藝術家。作品刊載於各類報章雜誌。 
AHN Jun, educated at the University of Southern California, graduating with a degree in art history in 2006. She then studied at Pratt and Parsons and got MFA in 2013, now enrolled the PhD program in Photography at Hongik University in Korea. Ahn has exhibited her work in Korea, Hong Kong, the US and countries around Europe, including six solo exhibitions. British Journal of Photography selected her as one of twenty Photographers to Watch in 2013, and South China Morning Post selected her as one of five Asian Artist to Watch in the same year. Her work is also featured on numerous media worldwide.

畢業自漢陽大學德國語文學系,後於韓國祥明大學研讀攝影碩士。權度延曾參與多次聯展,包括2015年休士頓國際攝影節以及2011年首爾攝影節等,亦曾獲2011年韓國攝影評論獎等國內外攝影獎項。2015年於首爾KT&G想像空間舉辦第二次個展「The Art of Shovel」。
GWON Doyeon, graduated from Department of German Language and Literature, Hanyang University then he completed Master Course of Photography in Sangmyung
University. Gwon has participated in many group exhibitions, including 2015 FotoFest
International Discoveries V in Houston, and Shortlist of Portfolio Review in 2011 Seoul Photo Festival. In addition, he is the winner of the 12th Sajin Bipyong Award in 2011 and other awards both in Korea and abroad. His second solo exhibition “The Art of Shovel” is hold in KT&G SangsangMadang in 2015.

分別於2003及2005年取得梨花女子大學藝術學士及碩士學位,2008年舉辦首次個展「On The Blue Territory」,以影像探討韓國都市再開發議題。作品曾於日、韓及亞洲各地展出,並獲得第十二屆多音獎。2013年琴惠元赴美國基莫哈丁尼爾森藝文中心駐村,2015年則為台北國際藝術村駐村藝術家。
KEUM Hyewon, completed her BFA and MFA in Ewha Womans University in 2003 and 2005. Her first solo exhibition “On The Blue Territory” in 2008 illustrates the issue of urban redevelopment in Korea. Her works have been exhibited in Korea, Japan and other Asian countries and she is the winner of the 12th Daum Prize. In 2013 and 2015, Keum has also visited the KHN Center for the Arts in the US, and Taipei Artist Village in Taiwan as artist in residence.

1983年生於首爾,韓國中央大學攝影系碩士。曾獲第十四屆韓國攝影評論獎,亦曾參與國內外多次聯展,包括2010年韓國大邱攝影雙年展、2012柏林歐洲攝影月及2013年中國連州國際攝影節等。「Construction Site」為其首次個展,近期則在KT&G想像空間舉辦個展「Demolition Site」。
JUNG Jihyun, born in 1983 in Seoul, completed his MFA in Department of photography ,Chungang University. He is the winner of the 14th Sajin Bipyong Award and has participated in many group exhibitions worldwide, including 2010 Daegu Photo Biennale, 2012 European Month of Photography Berlin, and 2013 Lianzhou International Photo Festival in China. “Construction Site” was Jung’s first solo exhibition and his most recent one is “Demolition Site” held in KT&G SangsangMadang.


周駿生,1989年出生於中國北京, 現就讀於布拉格電影學院攝影系。作為一名攝影師,其攝影始終嘗試著對於攝影的放逐。他就站在那裡,待萬物經過,試圖將萬物以其本來的面目寫於光中。那光中沒有紛擾,沒有情愫,沒有願望,但卻枝葉流淌,充斥著我與萬物之間的曖昧氣息。
ZHOU JunSheng
was born in 1989, in Beijing, China. Now he is studying photography at
Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. As a photographer, his work always tries to realize the exile of photography. He stands there and waits, in the passing everything, he tries to bring that true look of things into the light. Within that light, there’s no tumult, no sentiment, no desire, but only branches and leaves are flowing. Over there, it’s flooded with the flavor of ambiguity, in between I and others.

蔡東東,1978年出生於甘肅天水,1996年入伍, 2002年就學於北京電影學院,目前生活工作於北京。他的作品曾在國內外參加展覽,包括紐約、德國、法國、北京、上海等。他的作品也多發表於一些藝術書刊,包括《藝術界》、《藝術時代》、《中國當代攝影藝術》、《中國攝影新銳25》、《中國攝影》等等。蔡東東於2005年獲平遙國際攝影節優秀攝影師創作基金獎;2010年,獲義大利第三屆特爾納當代藝術獎一等獎。2011年,參加義大利UNIDEE藝術基金會駐村計畫。2014年,獲選南方報業集團《ART289》雜誌2014年度新勢力。
CAI DongDong
was born in Tianshui, Gansu in 1978. He enlisted in the army in 1996, then
went on to study in Beijing Film Academy in 2002. Currently he is based in Beijing. He has participated in many exhibitions at home and overseas, including New York, Germany,
France, Beijing, Shanghai, etc. He has published his work in publications like Leap, Art
Time, Contemporary Chinese Photography , Chinese Photography cuttingedge
25 , Chinese Photography , etc. Cai was awarded the Outstanding Photographer Creation Fund Award in Pingyao International Photography Festival in 2005. in 2010, he clinched the top award in the 3rd Terna Contemporary Art Award in Italy. in 2011, he became an artistinresidence for the UNIDEE Art Foundation. In 2014, he was highlighted as an up and coming artist by the
ART289 magazine by NF media.

1988年生於中國廣東,曾在北京電影學院學習攝影,目前生活在北京。他的作品展出於歐洲、北美以及亞洲各地,包括凱布朗利博物館、貝納基博物館、新墨西哥州立大學美術館等。他的作品刊登評論於若干出版物和線上媒體,如《The New Yorker》,《British Journal of Photography》以及《中國攝影》等。並曾獲得露西基金會提名獎,瑪格南30 Under 30等各國攝影獎項。
SU JieHao,
born in 1988 in Guangdong, China, studied Photography at Beijing Film
Academy. Su is currently based in Beijing. His work has been exhibited in various
group/selected/solo exhibitions in Europe, North America and Asia, including Musee du quai Branly (Paris, France), Benaki Museum (Athens, Greece), UNM Art Museum (Albuquerque, USA), etc. His work has been featured in publications such as The New Yorker , British Journal of Photography , Chinese Photography , etc. Su is a finalist of APA / Lucie Foundation Scholarship in 2014 and included in the Magnum 30 Under 30, etc.

1991年生於中國福建省漳州市東山島,現居於中國廈門。2012年畢業於北京中國人民大學新聞攝影專業,後就讀於台灣輔仁大學應用美術研究所。2012年其手工書《?X?》 ( Meet Strangers) 獲法國PHOTOEYE年度最佳攝影書提名,2014年以關注故鄉東山島的手工書《負向的旅程》獲三影堂攝影大獎,2015年獲巴塞羅那國際攝影獎。作品曾參加連州國際攝影節、英國FORMAT國際攝影節、日本大地藝術祭等展覽,並於連州國際攝影節(2014)與廈門喂空間(2015)舉辦個展。
ZHU LanQing
was born in 1991 in Dongshan Island, Fujian Province, China. Currently she
lives and works in Amoy, China. After graduating from the department of photojournalism at Renmin University of China in 2012.., Zhu went on to study applied arts in Fujen Catholic University of Taiwan. Her handmade photobook Meet Strangers was nominated for PHOTOEYE’s best books, and A Journey in Reverse Direction talking about her homeland Islands of Shandong was awarded the Three Shadows Photography Award in 2014 and the Barcelona International Photography Award in 2015 . Zhu has participated in Lianzhou International Photo Festival, FORMAT Festival, The EchigoTsumari Art Triennale, etc. She has held solo exhibitions in Lianzhou International Photo Festival (2014) and WE Space in Xiamen (2015) recently.

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