Guiomar Novaes: The Complete Published 78-rpm Recordings (2CD)

Guiomar Novaes: The Complete Published 78-rpm Recordings (2CD)

作者 : Guiomar Novaes

作者 : 古伊歐瑪.諾瓦斯


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South America has a knack of producing a particular breed of fiery woman pianist with technique to burn - from Theresa Carreno in the 19th century to Martha Argerich today - perhaps it's their passionate Latin temperament. The wonderful Brazilian Guiomar Novaes certainly fitted this mould.

Described by her teacher Isidore Philipp as 'by far the best pupil he had ever nursed to the concert stage' Novaes shot to fame as a teenager and immediately became a star pianist, particularly in the USA where she settled. She recorded well into the LP era but by common consent her greatest recordings are considered to be the 78-rpm discs she made in her youth. Here, for the first time, all are reissued together. As befits 78s, many are encore style pieces, which incidentally perfectly suit Novaes' gifts, but there is also a good selection of her compatriot's music, much of it written for her.
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