Insight Guides Taipei City Guide

Insight Guides Taipei City Guide

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臺北是一座閩南文化保存最古老的傳統,同時融合最新高科技的現代城市,探索中國珍貴文物在故宮博物院,以竹子為發想的臺北101,還是士林夜市盛宴,西門町的青年文化,以及貓空茶園,風格多元,兼容並蓄,Insight Guides Taipei City Guide確保造訪這座城市,能擁有典型的、完整的臺北經驗。


Taiwanese culture preserves the best of ancient traditions, while embracing the newest in high-tech modernity, and nowhere is this better exemplified than in the country's dynamic capital, Taipei. Whether you want to admire Taipei 101's architecture, discover precious Chinese artefacts at the National Palace Museum or indulge in feast of street food at Shilin Nightmarket, Insight City Guide Taipei will ensure that you have the quintessential Taipei experience. Features by local writers delve into topics including the arts scene, Taipei residents' love of sports and shopping, and traditional remedies, while evocative accounts of the city's districts bring Taipei to life, from Ximending's youth culture and Datong's Chinese heritage to the east's skyscrapers juxtaposed with hillside tea plantations. Full-colour photography and maps help you navigate with ease and our detailed Travel Tips give you all the practical information you need to plan your trip. Discover this fascinating city with Insight City Guide Taipei.

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