Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction (3 Ed.)

Lugged Bicycle Frame Construction (3 Ed.)

作者 : Marc-Andre R. Chimonas

出版社 : Createspace Independent Publishing

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Contrary to popular belief, building a strong well-aligned bicycle frame does not require thousands of dollars of tools or weeks of hands-on training. This manual instructs the reader how to construct a quality lugged bicycle frame using inexpensive tools. Sections of this manual describe: principals of bicycle design; brazing technique; the use of inexpensive air-fuel and industrial grade oxy-fuel torches; tube mitering; jigging using inexpensive materials; builds for 26 inch, 650c, 650b, and 700c wheels; builds for tires up to 45 mm wide; and a step-by-step walkthrough of the frame building process. Build the following: road racing bicycles, all-road bicycles, touring bicycles, commuting bicycles, fixies and single speed bicycles, cyclocross and monstercross bicycles.
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