Experimental Cocktail Club: London.Paris.New York.Ibiza

Experimental Cocktail Club: London.Paris.New York.Ibiza

作者 : Romee de Goriainoff/ Olivier Bon/ Pierre-Charles Cros/ Xavier Padovani


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品酩法式風味,最令人悸動的創意酒吧Experimental Cocktail Club 85道獨家創意酒譜

全球獲獎無數的創意酒吧Experimental Cocktail Club(行家簡稱EEC)以全新的創意重新詮釋美式及法式調酒,85道經典雞尾酒譜,體驗頂級酒吧的迷人之處。2007年,EEC的第一家酒吧座落於倫敦的唐人街,而後分別在巴黎、紐約及伊維薩島開設分店。在探訪紐約各處的酒吧後,EEC酒吧的三位創辦人決定再度回到巴黎開一家融和法國血統與美式風格的雞尾酒吧,重新顛覆巴黎人對雞尾酒想像。EEC酒吧以令人放鬆的新巴洛克氛圍及滋潤身心靈的創意雞尾酒聞名,包括《金融時報》、《紐約時報》、《華爾街日報、《GQ》及《Vogue》等媒體皆讚譽有加。此外EEC也經常與各大精品品牌及知名酒商合辦多場品酒活動,例如香奈兒、愛馬仕、路易威登、軒尼詩、皮耶爵香檳及亨利爵士琴酒。透過EEC別出心裁的混搭雞尾酒譜,體驗雅緻時尚的法式風潮。

Treat your taste buds to this collection of very special cocktail recipes that take inspiration from classic American and French cocktails - served with the unmistakeable Experimental Cocktail Club flair and style. Recipes include Stockholm Syndrome (Ketel 1 vodka infused with cumin & dill, Linie aquavit, lemon juice, simple syrup, pink Himalayan salt and Peychauds bitters) and Tete de Mule (or 'Kind of Stubborn', a salty cocktail containing Don Fulano Blanco, orange juice, tomato juice, agave syrup and topped with ginger beer) - as well as their take on classic cocktails such as Negroni, Margarita, Moscow Mule and Stawberry Daiquiri.

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